Communities Uniting Rainier Beach

CURB: is a community crime prevention program designed to reduce the rate of crime and arrest in the Rainier Beach Area.

Our Vision: is to improve public safety and reduce criminal activity in Rainier Valley.

What We Do: Helping to assist young adults that have criminal records. Helping young adults to learn and demonstrate behaviors and skills that contribute to reduced criminal activity and creates a positive re-entry pathway into the community. We aim to engage young adults through outreach efforts that are at-risk for involvement in criminal activity and provide resources so these individuals can maintain the highest quality of life and avoid incarceration.

Who's Eligible?
Male or Female 18-30 years of age
Outstanding warrants for arrest
Past of current convictions *(No Sexual Offenders)
Sex Workers
Gang Members
Anyone from the Rainier Valley area looking for a way out of a negative lifestyle.

Requirements: 100% participation is a must. To be eligible to receive financial services offered by CURB; you must engage in case management, support groups and career planning orientation. All clients must participate in activities listed to graduate.

Additional Services:
Career Development
Case Management
Educational Assistance
Childcare Assistance
Food & Clothing Assistance
Support for Alcohol & Drug Dependency
Rental Assistance
Utility Assistance
Mental Health Services
Social Support Groups

Community Partnerships: Rainier Beach Empowerment Coalition, south East Crime Prevention council, Budget for Justice, Public Defenders Association, Racial Disparity Project, American Friends Service Committee & Hillman City Business Association.

Support Groups
Every Wednesday 5:30 - 7pm
Orientation every Monday 9:30am

C.U.R.B. Office:
4437 Rainier Ave South
Seattle, WA 98118
Phone: 206.760.5588
Fax: 206.760.5598