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Program: RESTORE

Helping empower youth while putting a stop to the school-to-prison pipeline


Who It's For:

Young BIPOC individuals at risk of being expelled from school or incarcerated.


What it Provides:

Helps restore the individual's confidence and self-esteem, teaches basic life skills, and provides monthly stipends to ensure basic food and care. This program requires the participant remain in school and attend regular weekly peace circles; counseling may also be required.

Program Manager:

Reese Abram | (206) 322-7061 |

Service Restore SQ.jpg
RESTORE is a mentoring program that uses Restorative Justice and Behavioral Health Services to intervene in the lives of underserved youth and their families.

Respecting Education and Services Through Our Restorative Examples

This program helps increase a young individual's success in education—whether by completing their secondary credential (high school diploma or equivalent), increasing the likelihood of enrollment into post-secondary education, or remaining in secondary school and making progress towards graduation—with the goal of helping them improve one letter grade in both math and science.


RESTORE helps decrease involvement in the juvenile justice system, and reduce the number of new crime convictions during program participation.

Specific Services:

  • $300 monthly stipend

  • College preparation

  • Academic coaching and tutoring

  • Career planning

  • Assistance with employment placement

  • Character Building

  • Access to technology, sports, arts and recreation


Who is Eligible:

  • Youth ages 12-24 who live in King County

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