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Meet Darius

Darius has quite a life story and he attributes his success to POCAAN's help. Now, Darius works at POCAAN in our Konnect II program as a peer navigator.

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Read more about Darius's story below:

My Story

Being a person of color and growing up in an environment where there was poverty has had a major effect on my life. Not having my biological father present planted seeds of hurt, trauma and unforgiveness, which also influenced my life. Committing crime, going to jail then prison, partaking in drug use and not knowing who I was in resulted in an unhealthy relationship that caused me to lose myself. Moving to Washington State is the best decision I could have made because my life started to turn around.


I was introduced to POCAAN when I moved here, and I can honestly say the Konnect II program helped me in every aspect of my life when it came to finding medical care and getting my medications in a timely manner. The individuals that worked this program were awesome; they would reach out and ask If I needed anything, they supported me in my goals and ideas, they assisted me with transportation, providing bus or train tickets, if I had a doctor's appointment or anything that was related to me growing and being successful. POCAAN has had an impact on my life because I was able to achieve and accomplish major goals and aspirations. 


People need to know that POCAAN is an organization that helps, cares for, and supports every need of the client. POCAAN is an organization of commitment, honesty, drive, love, and based firmly in community.

POCAAN is the place where I work now because it is only right to go back after being uplifted and strengthen to help those that need the level of support that was given to me. What I like the most about being an employee here at POCAAN is that I can assist the clients to become self-sufficient, motivated, and determined. Working at POCAAN keeps me in that place of humility so I do not forget where I come from but also to be grateful for where I am. The work that POCAAN brings to the community is amazing and I am glad to be a part of such a wonderful organization.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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