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Providing regular mobile medical services to eligible seniors in King County



Who It's For:

BIPOC seniors living throughout King County and who attend designated Senior Citizen Centers.


What it Provides:

A mobile van that makes regular visits to senior centers to provide basic onsite medical care for people of color age 55 and above. Services are requested and arranged by the senior center and provided at their location.

Program Manager:

Aaliyah Messiah | (206) 934-1512 |

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Funded by 

Veterans, Seniors, Human Services Levy, Healthcare

for the Homeless Network

and Public Health-Seattle & King County

Proudly provide senior medical care and case management to those who need it most free of charge. 


POCAAN's Senior Mobile Medical Outreach program is a new and innovative way to provide care to seniors throughout King County.  Equipped with a state-of-the-art Medical Supply Vehicle, POCAAN's staff are ready to provide care for those who need it most, not just those who are most convenient to reach.  

The following services are provided to seniors enrolled in SAGE: 
  • Basic Wellness Assessments (Including Vision and Hearing, and Wellness)

  • Health Education (Including Nutrition)

  • Medical Support

  • Triage (including Gerontological Medical Service Referrals)

  • Limited Balance and Fall Risk Assessments (not PT/OT)

  • Heart Health and Disease Assessment (Screening, Prevention, and Signs of Stroke)

  • Blood Sugar Management via Point of Care Glucose Testing

  • Anticoagulation Monitoring

  • Cholesterol Monitoring

  • Otoscope and Ear Cleaning

  • Foot Care (Including Skin Wound Identification) and Pain Management Education

  • Case Management

  • Integrated Referrals

The following additional services are provided to interested seniors enrolled in SAGE: 

  • Assessment, Triage, and Navigation to Needed and Available Social Services

  • Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment

  • Short and Long-Term Housing Assistance

  • Transportation Set-up Support

  • Assistance Navigating Social Security and other Benefit Systems

  • Seniors 55 years of age or older 

  • Seniors currently residing in King County, WA

Target Client Demographics:
  • BIPOC Seniors

  • Low-Income Seniors

  • Seniors Currently Experiencing Homelessness

  • Rural Area Seniors

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