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immediate assistance to people facing homelessness and those at risk



Who It's For:

BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth and families unable to pay rent or mortgage.


What it Provides:

Rental assistance, budget management, and landlord negotiations where possible to help individuals remain in their home.

Program Manager:

Jajuan Couch | (206) 322-7061 |

Service Best Start 2.jpg
Best Start for Kids is a youth and family prevention initiative intended to divert and prevent these individuals from becoming homeless.

Best Start is a quick response, client-centered, trauma-informed program that aids and administers funds to avoid homelessness, and leverages additional support systems to prevent the problem from recurring. This program is generously funded by King County.

Specific Services:

  • Initial screening, intake assessment, and service planning

  • Addresses immediate emergency needs to prevent homelessness

  • Works with landlords to mitigate risk displacement

  • Coordinates connection with other culturally-appropriate services and referrals as needed

  • Coordinates interpreter support as needed

  • Respectful communication with people from diverse backgrounds


Who is Eligible:

  • Youth ages 12-24 who are unaccompanied by a parent and at imminent risk of homelessness

  • Families at imminent risk of homelessness (not intended for long-term rental assistance)

Who is NOT Eligible:

  • Individuals may not have lived in any shelter program within the last 90 days of initial screening

  • Individuals cannot have more than one active Best Start agency relationship

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