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Welcome to POCAAN

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Promoting Health, Mobilizing Community, and Transforming Lives since 1987

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One of the first organizations helping people of color.

About our Donation Cause

POCAAN is committed to providing comprehensive, multicultural awareness and prevention programs aimed at addressing health disparities experienced in marginalized communities.

Who We Are

POCAAN is a multicultural, multi-social service agency that addresses disparities in marginalized communities in Seattle and greater King County by offering a wealth of health services and community programs.
Colorful Friends
Three Generations

Who We Serve

African Americans represent 7% of the population in Seattle and King County, but constitute 20% of those living with HIV.

Latinx people represent 8% of the population living in Seattle and 9% of the population in King County, but constitute 14% of those living with HIV.

Since our founding in 1987, we have focused our efforts on people of color who have been historically underserved by health and community services.
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POCAAN's HIV-Positive Medical Case Management Program, offering vital support and resources to enhance the well-being of those living with HIV/AIDS. It includes medical care coordination, emotional support, and access to essential healthcare services, all aimed at improving the quality of life for HIV-positive individuals. 

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POCAAN’s LEAD Program, or Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion, is a groundbreaking collaboration involving diverse partners such as the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the Seattle City Attorney’s Office, the Seattle Police Department, and The Defenders Association. This program is transforming the approach to handling repeat, low-level drug-related offenses in Seattle by offering a comprehensive array of services instead of incarceration. POCAAN plays a vital role by providing essential case management and service access support for LEAD Clients.rophylaxis (PrEP) medications to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS disease in people who have not yet been exposed.

Justitia Goddess

Victims of Crime Act Services is an emergency financial assistance for victims of abuse, sexual assault, trafficking, and domestic violence.  With referrals for Mental Health.

Who It’s For: Victims of abuse, survivors of sexual assault, Individuals affected by trafficking and domestic violence survivors.

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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medications to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS disease in people who have not yet been exposed.

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Two-year permanent housing support for people living with HIV/AIDS.  With emergency one-time support for utilities and housing supplies.  Ongoing Case Management and referrals to permanent housing resources.


The Collaborative aims to improve community conditions in health and well-being through community engagement, capacity building, program development, monitoring and evaluation, communication, coordination, reporting and documentation, and evaluation. The partnership's goal is to reduce health disparities within the LGBTQ community in King County, build community power to address root causes of inequities and promote social connections and community building.

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Prevention/PrEP/EHE - Providing HIV, STI, PrEP, and other Preventative services for high-risk clients with a focus on Black and Latinx MSM and Trans People.

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Non-Medical Case Management Addiction and mental health support and referrals.

POCAAN's programs range from health and educational services, to counseling and rehabilitation for BIPOC individuals in the Seattle area.

Our Comprehensive Programs

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POCAAN BSK YFHPI Homeless Prevention Program is not a rental assistant program. It provides comprehensive case management for clients on the edge of homelessness and gives them the toll to never become homeless.  There is limited housing assistance available for clients in the program.

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POCAAN’s Trans Empowerment Program addresses the economic barriers transgender and gender-nonconforming people of color experience as a result of implementing policy changes to end transphobia and discrimination. Our mission is to Advocate for policies and build a re-entry program that reduces the time trans and gender-diverse people spend incarcerated past their release date and increases their chances of success upon release. While providing much-needed Essential services.   

Non-Medical Case Management Addiction and mental health support and referrals.

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SAGE SMMO is a dedicated program designed to provide essential medical services directly to seniors in Senior Centers, and Senior Housing Units all around Seattle/King County. Our team of compassionate healthcare professionals brings quality medical care to senior citizens, ensuring their well-being and convenience by eliminating the need for travel to medical facilities. SAGE SMMO is committed to enhancing the health and quality of life for our elderly community members, promoting independence and peace of mind in their golden years.

In Gratitude to Our Sponsors

Our programs and services would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We encourage all forms of sponsorship to help us further our mission!

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