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Assisting individuals who may be on the fence about recovery from addiction


Who It's For:

BIPOC individuals living with HIV and struggling with addiction.

What it Provides:

A comprehensive counseling program that offers a safe way to recover from addiction with support services from a certified peer support specialist who has first-hand experience with addiction and recovery.

Program Manager:

Olivette Foster | (206) 322-7061 |

Service Substance Abuse 2.jpg
This program assists people who may be on the fence about recovery by providing a safe place to explore what it means.


We understand that change can be scary. Let us help you in a non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere. We're here to provide assistance with getting into either in-patient or out-patient treatment. We provide individual care and support to those who aren't sure how to get the help they need, nor how to navigate the process itself. We can also furnish community resources for recovery housing and mental health services as neeed.

Specific Services:

  • Chemical dependency support

  • Chemical dependency assessment

  • Referrals to in-patient or out-patient treatment

  • Referrals to mental health programs

  • Referrals to housing

  • Job preparedness

  • Support groups



  • Mental Health/Addiction

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