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Providing career and business support to trans* individuals


Who It's For:

Transgender, non-binary/gender non-conforming, and gender diverse BIPOC individuals.


What it Provides:

Helps uplift and support those feeling left out of traditional occupational support systems through job search, assistance in building a new business or helping an existing business thrive, networking, and economic opportunities.

Program Manager:

Me'Jour Mook | (206) 322-7061 |

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The Transgender Economic Empowerment Coalition (TEEC)


The Transgender Economic Empowerment Coalition (TEEC) will address the economic barriers transgender and gender-nonconforming people of color experience as a result of implementing policy changes on ending transphobia and discrimination. Our mission is to Advocate for policies and build a reentry program that reduces the time trans and gender diverse people spend incarcerated past their release date and increases their chances of success upon release.  

Specific Services:
  • Case management coordination and referrals to affirming and culturally responsive resources 

  • Assistance with applications for employment opportunities and social services 

  • Leadership and self-advocacy training workshops 

  •  Referrals for rental assistance and housing

  • Referrals for legal name and gender marker changes.   

  • 18+ 

  •  Transgender, Non-binary, Non-conforming  

  • People of color  

Leadership Pathway

Join our PAID leadership cohort group for
people of color who identify as
Transgender, non-binary and gender
diverse individuals 18+.

Our Leadership Pathway initiative focuses
on enhancing trans wellness and
wholeness by engaging in skill-building
activities related to self-advocacy, activism,
policy development, reduction of harm
practices in healthcare and carceral
facilities, and overcoming community

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Join our PAID leadership cohort group for people of color who identify as Transgender, non-binary or gender diverse individuals 18+

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